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  1. EXPERIENCE: 23 years handling dogs and owning thriving dog walking businesses around BC

  2. Hikes are Trainer directed and include training & agility for important mental stimulation

  3. Different hikes everyday into the wild off leash or on, to keep it fresh & mental stimulating for your BFF

  4. Small groups of 6 dogs (a more natural pack size) to keep a better eye on each one; Your dog's safety is our first priority!

  5. Thorough new client consult process where we spend the extra time needed to build a bond and earn your dog’s respect which allows for a safer all around experience

  6. Dog First Aid Certified with 1st aid kits

  7. Emergency plans and contingency plans in place

  8. State of the art booking & Invoicing system with app for clients

  9. We are Reliable!

  10. Safe ventilated transport with temperature warning system, fresh water and high quality treats

  11. Licensed & Insured

  12. Unbiased, Honest Google Reviews (Click Here!)

  13. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable

  14. We LOVE what we do and take your dogs health & happiness seriously!