Hello Awesome Pup Parents!

Just a quick update about the heat wave and forest fire smoke.

We are doing our best to keep your dog safe in these crazy weather times.

Weather may change yes, but yesterday I needed to make a call for the safety

of your pets and logistics. The weather will simply be too hot and not healthy for

dogs after 12pm. (We are expecting over 35 degrees on average for at least the

next 2 weeks and it will be even hotter in some of our vehicles even with ventilation

systems) So, we cannot be walking dogs after 12pm especially when the air quality

is (was) so poor. 


It's also incredibly difficult (and time consuming) managing 100 + clients who all have different needs and are asking me to cancel here and there due to the weather and then to re-add as when weather is better. This is why I am asking you to add and cancel days on the SCOUT APP yourselves, as you see fit. As asinine as it sounds, I encourage you to voluntarily cancel for the next little while if your dog walks are not a necessity so that we can get those dogs out that really need it, in the mornings.


For those that are continuing hikes, please be aware that I might have to cancel hikes last minute due to weather and health related concerns.


I am hoping for your understanding and that some of you will keep your dogs cancelled for the next few weeks so, again, that dogs that REALLY need our help can be taken out in the mornings.


>>>>>Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there is any confusion or questions.


Again, a sincere THANK YOU for your understanding during this heat wave.

~Tasha & The Mountain Paws Team.